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Danny Pearson

To his many thousands of fans, Danny Pearson is a hero of the people. His high moral compass and the inability to walk away when someone is in need of help, even when he wants to, endears him to a wide audience.

But Danny Pearson is just flesh and blood like anyone else. He has doubts, fears mixed with an unbreakable bond with those he regards as his friends. A bond so strong he would put his life on the line for them without a second thought.

Handgun and  Ammunition


From Walthamstow in London, Danny grew up with his brother, Rob, and best friend Scott Miller. With his love of boxing and being physically bigger and stronger than the other boys, Danny built a reputation during his school years: mess with him or his friends and you'll regret it.

At seventeen, Danny joined the army and excelled, quickly climbing the ranks to Staff Sergeant in the SAS. During this time, he married Army Medic Sarah Ann Bright and had a son, Timothy.

Danny left the military after his wife and child were killed in a hit and run. With a heavy heart, he returned to Walthamstow to rebuild his life on civvy street. It's at this point we pick up his story in the first Danny Pearson Thriller, Vodka Over London Ice.

Millitary Soldier

Danny's Associates

Internationally renowned computer genius, Scott Miller has been Danny Best Friend ever since his school days. His ability to hack, program and decode has saved the day and got them into trouble more than once.

Millitary Soldier


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