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Vodka Over London Ice

Danny Pearson Book 1

book 1, Vodka Over London Ice, The Danny Pearson Thriller series by Author Stephen Taylor


What would you do for family…Would you die for them…

book 1, Vodka over london ice, The Danny Pearson Thriller series by Author Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor Books

322 pages

ISBN: 9781739163600

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Leaving the military for civvy street, Danny Pearson reconnects with his family and takes a job working for his uncle, Harry Knight. He soon finds out he’s no angel, and other parties are making a play for his business.

South of the river, Viktor Volkov has his eyes on Harry’s patch. A tit for tat battle escalates, leaving fatalities on both sides. For a while, the battle seems to be over until Viktor’s older brother arrives in London. Danny must take on the Russian Mafia and win or more of his loved ones will die…

Vodka Over London Ice is the first in British thriller fiction writer, Stephen Taylor’s bestselling Danny Pearson series. If you like edge of your seat, nail biting action and adventure thrillers, then you’ll love Stephen Taylor’s high octane books.

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